Hello from a brand new blogger who plans to write about jazz, videos and WW2 – a personal history.

This is my very first try as a blogger and it is a bit frightening, but I feel I have something to say that might be of interest. I will tell you a little bit about myself and why I decided to write. My name is Elin Smith; I was born and brought up in Norway and lived through the German  occupation of our country during World War 2. My father became involved with a group of patriotic Norwegians who performed ‘illegal tasks’ according to the Germans. He, and many of his co-saboteurs, suffered severe hardship in German concentration camps as punishment. It is ‘My Father’s Story’ and what happened to us left behind I would like to start writing about.

My life has been quite interesting. I married my American husband in 1960, and lived in the US for eight years. In 1968 we moved, lock, stock and barrel to England, with three children in tow. We have lived here ever since. Over the years husband, Ron, and I have travelled to many parts of the world. I am very interested in film and photography work. Jazz is a shared hobby for Ron and myself, and I have also  filmed at the Whitley Bay  jazz-festival two years running.You can find my videos under elinshouse on You Tube.

My plan is to start writing ‘My Father’s Story’ next week. Hope it will be of interest to quite a few people.

4 responses to “Hello from a brand new blogger who plans to write about jazz, videos and WW2 – a personal history.

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, dear Elin. Consider yourself embraced by the people you know and by those you haven’t met yet — all eager to hear what you have to tell us, eager to see what you have to show us. Welcome to a new audience and perhaps a new (delightful) obsession. Love, Michael and Lorna

    • I am trying hard. Have not written any more yet, but plan to this weekend. I have a lot to say about my father’s war-years to begin with, and will do other things as well.
      Love Elin

  2. Jon-Arvid Himle

    Hallo Elin!
    Dette var spennande lesning, keep on!!

    Yours Jon-Arvid

  3. I try all I can to understand what to do. Don’t know if you can see this reply.

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