I grew up in Bergen, Norway. My life as an only child was never lonely because I had friends and lots of family around me. Unlike many children these days, I had grandparents living in the same house. Times were hard and my father was often without work in the 1930s. The war years were difficult for us, but we all survived the German occupation. I was always full of ‘wanderlust’, even as a small child. My parents friend had pictures galore of exotic places he had visited while he was an officer onboard a Merchant Marine ship. I told him that I also wanted to see these foregn spots when I grew up. Over the years my husband and I have done just that. We have travelled far and wide. We’ve seen tropical Australia, Bali, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the Seychelles and many more exciting places.
We are getting older now and tend to stay at home, in the middle of England, more. But life is good. We have hobbies and plenty to fill our time with. Last year we celebrated our Golden Wedding with a big party.
I want to tell my father’s story in this blog. He was in German prison camps for three years during the second world war. Later I hope to write about jazz performances we attend, and whatever I feel

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