What can I say about myself? I was born in Bergen, Norway a long time ago, went to school there and had a happy childhood in spite of the war-years in the 1940s. I was an only child, but had lots of family around me.

I married my American husband in 1960, and we spent the next eight years in America. During that time we had three children, a nice house, good friends and did well. But it was not our destiny to stay there forever. In 1968 we moved to England – a brave thing to do with young children and building a new life. However, we soon settled and we are still here, happy and satisfied with life. Our children are now grown up and have children of their own. I spend a lot of time computing. My interests are  theatre visits, concerts, video and photography. We also enjoy jazz and belong to a jazz appreciation group.

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  1. Hi Elin

    I am currently researching for my dissertation for university. I am in the early stages at the moment but I am keen to write about Jazz music during WWII.
    From what I have found so far it seems that the war had a huge affect on Jazz music across the globe. I am especially interested in the ban on Jazz in occupied Europe, being classed as “degenerate music”.
    I have also learnt that many successful American Jazz musicians were sent off the fight. What kind of effect did this have on American Jazz?

    I would love to hear from you about anything to do with the above subjects, whether they are personal family experiences or facts that I may not be aware of.

    Also, if you know of any useful websites or books on the subject I would love to hear of them.

    Many thanks Elin and I would love to hear from you

    Jamie Stratton

  2. I am so new to this ‘blogging’ that Im not quite sure how to go about finding and adding tags and links etc. It is fun to write and add pictures, and I am interested in many things, so there will be other topics and not only war-stories later. Jazz is of interest to both Ron and myself, and after Whitley Bay-festival in November I hope to link many of the films I plan to take to You Tube, and write in my blog about the festival. So life is busy even for us ‘retired folk’.
    Regards Elin – any tips will be welcome!

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  4. Thank you for your fine videos from Whitley Bay as seen on Michael Steinman’s blog JAZZ LIVES. (I wish he would learn from you how to start and end his equally fine videos less abrupt.)
    Maybe your love for jazz would make you interested in my complete Billie Holiday Discography: holiday.eriksol.dk as well

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